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Justice Scalia’s 37 Contract Drafting Rules [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 16]

Justice Antonin Scalia and Bryan Garner recently took the stage at the General Counsel’s Forum, entertaining us with anecdotes from Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts. Justice Scalia asked the audience to define a “nimrod.” One GC stood up... Continue Reading →

Zombie Energy Companies [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 14]

The term “zombie company” describes firms that “are still trading, and so half living, but not able to invest or grow to pay off their debts, which is why they are also considered half dead” (Wikipedia – “Zombie Company”). The... Continue Reading →

Seeking Omnivore Investors: Does Investment Specialization Impede the Restructuring of Oil & Gas Debt? [Issue 4]

One of the barriers facing energy companies seeking to restructure their balance sheets is the increasing specialization of their investors and financial institutions. Traditional banks only want to hold low-risk reserves-based loans (RBLs).  Hedge funds and family offices have similarly... Continue Reading →

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