As a business grows, so does its legal needs. Eventually, every business needs its own general counsel. The general counsel serves as a trusted risk manager to a business owner, participating in decisions and neutralizing legal problems before they arise.

Traditional law firms are inefficient for smaller businesses. Most companies do not have sufficient scale to hire a full-time, in-house legal department. When business owners then seek counsel from traditional law firms, they are likely to find narrow specialists whose high hourly rates multiply as they pass the client back and forth among each other.

GAILLE PLLC solves this problem by providing clients with an outside general counsel. GAILLE PLLC’s experience as a general counsel enables the firm to efficiently handle the day-to-day contracts, disputes, and legal issues within the framework of a flexible fee arrangement.

GAILLE PLLC is skilled at suppressing legal costs. The art of managing outside counsel is one that GAILLE’s founder learned from years of in-house service at a Fortune 500 company and through the handling of many hundreds of legal matters for smaller companies. He knows what quality legal work should cost and how to drive costs down without sacrificing quality.

Business people are best at managing their businesses – not law firms. Just as in-house legal departments free large company CEOs from the burdens associated with handling legal matters, GAILLE PLLC’s outside general counsel service enables entrepreneurs to spend more time operating and growing their businesses. Our turnkey solution to legal matters makes business owners’ lives easier.

Outside General Counsel Representative Matters:

  • General Counsel Service
  • Debt and Equity Offerings/Capital Markets/Private Equity
  • Smaller Public Companies
  • Dispute/Litigation Management

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