Outside General Counsel Practice

GAILLE PLLC serves as “outside general counsel” to energy companies lacking their own in-house legal departments and startups. In doing so, we serve as a trusted, on-call counselor and advisor to business owners, managing all of their legal matters.

We also act as an “adjunct” general counsel to larger energy companies, providing overflow support when the in-house team’s capacity is saturated.

Our general counsel experience includes:

  • General counsel to NASDAQ-listed corporation, responsible for all legal matters, including management of between $1 and $5 million per year of outside legal costs
  • General counsel to start-up investment advisor firm, which grew to more than $400 million of assets under management
  • Outside general counsel to gas processing company
  • Outside general counsel to helium plant and producer
  • Outside general counsel to private-equity backed company operating in the Texas panhandle
  • Outside general counsel to private oil and gas company operating in Texas and Kansas
  • Outside general counsel to private oil and gas company operating in South Texas
  • Outside general counsel to start-up private company with conventional and unconventional oil and gas leases in Texas
  • Outside general counsel to Permian Basin oil and gas company
  • Corporate secretary to NASDAQ-listed company, including management of corporate governance and preparation of board materials and minutes for more than 50 full meetings of the Board of Directors and a similar number of meetings by the Conflicts, Audit, Nominations & Corporate Governance, and Compensation Committees
  • General counsel to certain international subsidiaries of a Fortune 100 company operating in the Middle East and North Africa
  • General counsel to a petrochemical company


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