GAILLE PLLC’s global energy expertise is a product of its founder’s experience on the front lines of global energy development — integrated gas projects in the 1990s, international deepwater exploration in the 2000s, and the shale boom in the 2010s.

GAILLE PLLC helps energy general counsels manage overflow.  As a former general counsel, GAILLE PLLC’s founder can quickly step into a wide range of energy matters on short notice.  Such in-house experience enables GAILLE PLLC to serve as an adjunct to energy legal departments, filling gaps and taking on special projects over the course of the year.

GAILLE PLLC is a business person’s law firm. The founder of GAILLE PLLC has extensive economic and business experience that many big firm lawyers lack. This commercial perspective enables GAILLE PLLC to find a path forward where none appears possible. Time is usually the enemy, and every additional day of negotiation increases the risk that circumstances will change, causing a deal to be lost. We understand that there is no such thing as a perfect deal and focus on crafting solutions that address the parties’ principal commercial drivers and material risks.

GAILLE PLLC’s “Lone Ranger” approach offers considerable cost savings to energy companies. After leaving Vinson & Elkins to join Occidental Petroleum’s business development group, GAILLE PLLC’s founder was exposed to a new corporate culture:  the “Lone Ranger” approach. The reference was meant to capture a time in Texas history when the vastness of its wilderness required that each ranger be capable of handling difficult situations alone. This philosophy created considerable cost savings for Oxy and garnered the respect of counterparties.

GAILLE PLLC offers effective global representation and negotiation. Having traveled to more than 100 countries, including all of South America and more than 30 countries in Africa, GAILLE PLLC can deliver results in disparate cultures.

Global Energy Projects Representative Matters:

  • Upstream Oil and Gas (Shale/Fracturing)
  • Upstream Oil and Gas (North America and Europe)
  • Upstream Oil and Gas (Africa)
  • Upstream Oil and Gas (South America)
  • Upstream Oil and Gas (Asia)
  • Pipelines/Integrated Power Projects (International)
  • Pipelines (North America)
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction

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