Energy Construction: Classification of Contracts [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 55]

Construction agreements bring to bear both tangible materials and intangible services to achieve an end product—the facility. As such, many of the same terms and conditions used in construction agreements also appear in procurement and services contracts. Procurement agreements are... Continue Reading →

Energy Construction: The Difference between Rework and Warranty Work [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 54]

No contractor (the “Contractor”) is perfect.  Some work will fail inspection and need to be redone (“Rework”).  Other defects will only be identified after the project’s completion, necessitating a warranty claim (“Warranty Work”). What’s the difference between Rework and Warranty... Continue Reading →

Book Release: Construction Energy Development [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 51]

I am pleased to announce the release of my third textbook, Construction Energy Development (Energy Development Series, Volume 3). Construction Energy Development describes the commercial arrangements used by energy companies to build pipelines and other facilities, providing a comprehensive overview of related contract provisions.... Continue Reading →

Rick Perry’s Energy Policy [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 42]

I first met Rick Perry when I was Legislative Aide to Texas Representative Harvey Hilderbran.  Back then, Perry was a three-term Democratic State Representative—albeit a fairly conservative one.  The Young Conservatives of Texas rates lawmakers on a scale from 0... Continue Reading →

Teaching Energy with Simulations [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 41]

A decade ago I developed my first energy simulation for Rice University’s Graduate School of Business.  It was designed to teach international energy development using exploration blocks in the Republic of Angola.  My Angola simulation has evolved over the years,... Continue Reading →

Thirst for Civility & The University of Texas’ Ban on Cowboy-Themed Halloween Costumes [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 39]

I recently taught a negotiation workshop at Chevron’s corporate headquarters in San Ramon, California.  I was still wearing a suit and tie when I drove my SUV rental across the Bay Bridge through snarled traffic.  The car to my left... Continue Reading →

How to Influence International Energy Policy (Reimagine Energy Policy: Part 4 of 4) [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 36]

Before his nation discovered petroleum, its president idled the power plants whenever he traveled abroad.  The people were left in the dark, suffering from their leader’s absence.  A boy once asked about the blackouts, and the president’s retort—“This is my house,... Continue Reading →

Conflicts of Interest at the Republican Convention [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 29]

This week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland is attended by 2,472 delegates. Over the last six months, we all watched as candidates won delegates based on voting results in 56 caucuses and primary elections. What few people understand is how... Continue Reading →

The Republican Party’s Energy Platform [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 26]

I was a delegate to last week’s State Republican Convention in Dallas, which adopted a new platform for the party.  Each of the platform’s 266 positions was individually voted on by the entire convention.  Interestingly, the Chairman of the Platform... Continue Reading →

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