Private Equity

Dollars vs. Percentages & the Probability of Busted Asset Deals [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 56]

“[H]euristics are simple, efficient rules which people often use to form judgments and make decisions. They are mental shortcuts that usually involve focusing on one aspect of a complex problem and ignoring others. These rules work well under most circumstances,... Continue Reading →

Dynamic Profit Sharing for Startup LLCs [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 45]

Energy ventures often begin with the formation of a limited liability company (LLC).  A handful of founders agree to contribute their skills and relationships toward a common purpose—the success of the LLC.  Just like new parents, the founders are giddy... Continue Reading →

International Shale Gas & Climate Change (Reimagine Energy Policy: Part 3 of 4) [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 35]

“The U.S. leads the world in reducing carbon emissions for the most recent 5- and 10-year periods. Over the past 5 years U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have fallen by 270 million tons.” - Forbes Spinning windmills and glistening solar panels—that’s what... Continue Reading →

Beware the Private Equity Drag Along Clause [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 15]

Last year’s tally of bankrupt exploration and production companies stands at 42, with debt defaults of ~$17 billion. Then there are the zombie energy companies that simply assigned their assets to lenders outside of bankruptcy. Who is the likely buyer... Continue Reading →

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