Will COVID-19 Increase Oil Demand? [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 86]

In 2003, China saw a preview of COVID-19 in the form of another coronavirus called SARS.  SARS struck Hong Kong and sent a wave of change across China.  Yet most Americans were oblivious to its existence.  At the time, though,... Continue Reading →

Strange Tales of Energy Travel: Togo’s Crucifixion Beach [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 76]

Energy companies often do business in places that are not part of the Instagram travel circuit.  Visas can be difficult to obtain, and tourism is virtually non-existent.  These nations also tend to be home to extraordinary characters with unusual stories. ... Continue Reading →

Career Advice for Young Energy Lawyers [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 73]

Lawyers in the energy industry bear a particularly steep learning curve. It is not enough to just be an expert in legal disciplines such as transactions or litigation. Industry expertise is required, as well. Energy law is a many-layered cake... Continue Reading →

The Secret to Judge Posner’s Amazing Productivity [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 70]

Last September, 78-year-old Richard A. Posner retired from the United States Court of Appeals to focus on writing.  Even while serving as a full-time judge on the Seventh Circuit and part-time law professor at The University of Chicago, there is... Continue Reading →

Dr. Ray Irani & the Emperor CEOs: Where Are They Now? [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 58]

I was a young lawyer at Vinson & Elkins when one of its partners recommended me for a job in Oxy’s new Dubai office.  My first interview was with Oxy’s General Counsel, Donald de Brier.  When I was escorted into... Continue Reading →

Vinson & Elkins at 100: The Rivalry with Baker Botts [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 48]

The rivalry between V&E and BB started in the 1870s—in the small East Texas town of Huntsville.  A young couple moved next door to the forty-something Bakers.  The Bakers’ new neighbors were Walker County Sheriff Elkins and his young wife,... Continue Reading →

Who Killed Aubrey McClendon? [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 20]

“I've always been comfortable thinking things through and doing it, more or less, my way.” – Aubrey McClendon As the Wall Street Journal reported, “there is no denying the significance of Aubrey McClendon: He didn’t just see the energy boom... Continue Reading →

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