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The Energy Transactions Boutique: A New Legal Service Delivery Model [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 95]

This Friday I’ll be speaking at SparkCon, a conference that focuses on innovations in the energy industry. One of the innovations I’ll be discussing is how GAILLE PLLC is challenging the legal service delivery models available to the energy industry.... Continue Reading →

How Have Law Firms Been Impacted by COVID-19? [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 89]

Like most other businesses, law firms, too, are suffering the economic effects of COVID-19. Although many lawyers are able to work just as efficiently from their homes as they can from their offices, the impacts of COVID-19 on clients often... Continue Reading →

The General Counsel’s Dilemma: In-House Counsel or Outside Counsel [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 84]

For decades, consultants have sought to systematize the process of allocating work between in-house counsel and outside counsel.  The largest companies even have entire “legal services” departments, which provide no “legal services” but are instead responsible for decreasing legal costs... Continue Reading →

The Value Proposition of the Energy Transactions Boutique Law Firm [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 81]

The recipe for starting a boutique law firm is well known.  Boutique law firms are typically founded by one or more Big Law alums with industry-leading expertise who then recruit top associates, essentially creating a talent pool of comparable quality... Continue Reading →

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