Dr. Ray Irani & the Emperor CEOs: Where Are They Now? [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 58]

I was a young lawyer at Vinson & Elkins when one of its partners recommended me for a job in Oxy’s new Dubai office.  My first interview was with Oxy’s General Counsel, Donald de Brier.  When I was escorted into... Continue Reading →

The First Hmong Lawyer in Laos [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 52]

Yah grew up in the mountains of northern Laos, a member of the Hmong ethnic group.  The nearest elementary school was a two-hour walk through the jungle of a national park.  He rose at dawn, marching bare-footed through the darkness.... Continue Reading →

How to Influence International Energy Policy (Reimagine Energy Policy: Part 4 of 4) [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 36]

Before his nation discovered petroleum, its president idled the power plants whenever he traveled abroad.  The people were left in the dark, suffering from their leader’s absence.  A boy once asked about the blackouts, and the president’s retort—“This is my house,... Continue Reading →

International Shale Gas & Climate Change (Reimagine Energy Policy: Part 3 of 4) [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 35]

“The U.S. leads the world in reducing carbon emissions for the most recent 5- and 10-year periods. Over the past 5 years U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have fallen by 270 million tons.” - Forbes Spinning windmills and glistening solar panels—that’s what... Continue Reading →

Brexit’s Impact on the Energy Industry [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 28]

“Napoleon, Hitler, various people tried this out, and it ends tragically. The EU is an attempt to do this by different methods . . . [but] there is no underlying loyalty to the idea of Europe.” – Boris Johnson, former... Continue Reading →

Niger Delta Avengers: Inspired by Marvel Comics? [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 27]

“To the International Oil Companies and Indigenous Oil Companies, it’s going to be bloody. Your facilities and personnel will bear the brunt of our fury.” – The Niger Delta Avengers Nigeria’s oil output has plummeted in recent months, falling to... Continue Reading →

West Africa’s Tangled Web of Terrorism & Oil [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 21]

“32,685 deaths [per year] from terrorism, up from 3,329 at the turn of the century.” – The Wall Street Journal (March 23, 2016) On March 13th Islamic terrorists killed 19 when they attacked Ivory Coast hotels lining Gran-Bassam beach. The... Continue Reading →

Former Allen & Overy Partner Charged in Petrobras Corruption Case [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 12]

In a surprising move, the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office has levied corruption charges against the former chief compliance officer (the “CCO”) of SBM Offshore – who joined SBM from Allen & Overy, where he co-chaired the firm’s corporate practice group.... Continue Reading →

Has the Oil Crash Ended South America’s 21st Century Socialism? [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 9]

Dramatic political changes are underway across South America. Earlier this week, Venezuelans handed the opposition control over their National Assembly – the first time in almost two decades that Hugo Chavez and his successors had lost a national election. It’s... Continue Reading →

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