The Energy Transactions Boutique: A New Legal Service Delivery Model [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 95]

This Friday I’ll be speaking at SparkCon, a conference that focuses on innovations in the energy industry. One of the innovations I’ll be discussing is how GAILLE PLLC is challenging the legal service delivery models available to the energy industry.... Continue Reading →

Every Young Lawyer Needs a Mentor [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 77]

Over the last seven years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching the Energy Law Seminar to several hundred students at The University of Chicago Law School.  Many of my students end up practicing law in Houston, where they regularly seek... Continue Reading →

Career Advice for Young Energy Lawyers [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 73]

Lawyers in the energy industry bear a particularly steep learning curve. It is not enough to just be an expert in legal disciplines such as transactions or litigation. Industry expertise is required, as well. Energy law is a many-layered cake... Continue Reading →

How to Get A’s in Law School [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 72]

I'm looking forward to teaching the Energy Law Seminar again this Fall at The University of Chicago.  As a professor there, I am often approached by prospective law students seeking advice about law school and legal careers.  My guidance always... Continue Reading →

The First Hmong Lawyer in Laos [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 52]

Yah grew up in the mountains of northern Laos, a member of the Hmong ethnic group.  The nearest elementary school was a two-hour walk through the jungle of a national park.  He rose at dawn, marching bare-footed through the darkness.... Continue Reading →

The Decline of College Writing Skills (and the Rise of Social Media) [Gaille Energy Blog Issue 37]

I spent Friday morning at the University of Chicago discussing the perceived decline of writing skills among recent college graduates. The business world has echoed this concern, with employers frequently “complaining about job candidates’ inability to . . . write... Continue Reading →

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